Color Lights

Mark TomaselloNews

We have done what I call fun lighting projects. One was Aloft you can see on the web site purple and pink picture under Hotels. This system can be programed with up to 350,000 color variations. as well as what each light well do far as light levels and duration, the box gets programed by the software then you have to plug it back in. Good system but you have to manually change it each time. The software can do multi-able types of shows per say ie a holiday or a sporting event etc. just pick the one you want. Once the box is reconnected it will run that show.
The latest one we did for AC Marriott does 400,000 different light colors and has its own IP address and can be configured in the same way but live by going to the web site. So If I was across the country I could change the show from there. Costs more but much greater control is gained. Changes can be live or set to run at different times. We also added the trim on the canopy to be controlled as well, so it can look different or the same as the up lights. What ever you want to do we can make it happen each project is customized to your need and desires.