Background on Led Technology

Wow led technology has come a long way, the first ones where in calculators in the sixties compared to where they are today TV's, Phones and lighting. The led started as just red then blue and in 1993 to a bright blue light source. They had to complete the hole light spectrum for it to become a white color. From there to now consumers need to be educated to what they can get with this new light source. Which include things like CRI or color rendering index, the long and short on this is white light comes in different temps., most people are used to CW or cool white. This was replaced with a 4100 k Calvin lamp almost everywhere offices and homes mostly. There are 5000 k bright white and 4000 k for signs and when wanting to see true color like a picture or when max light is needed. 3500 K warm , 3000 K warmer on the pink side and 2700 to 2300 to look like a incandescent. Ok where am I going with all this, well it applies to all lamps and the fixtures they are used in. When picking a fixture such as a pendent, sconces or chandlers color should be you first consideration the second one is do I want it to dim. Keep in mind manufactures all do things differently, one may dim to 20% and another to 0-5% so be careful you get the right answers because we all want the right stuff for our hard earned money and lets face it its all about the look as well as the fixture it self. This is just some knowledge I wanted to share. There are many other thing I could cover but I would rather just talk to people based on what you need, we will get exactly what you need. We will help with color, dimming, life and output as well as anything else you can think of. We have a great deal of experience. So take advantage of it! Let us show you the light.

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