Retro Lighting and Conservation is a licensed electrical contractor in the State of Texas, uniquely qualified to perform all types of lighting retrofits and conversions. As an independent lighting management contractor, Retro Lighting can draw on all of the lighting manufacturers to provide the most cost effective lighting solution for our customers. Our systems and project management organization can sure that the customer will receive state of the art lighting, on time and at an extremely competitive price

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Sample Spec Outline
Building Retrofit

Dear Bidders,

This building has primary three bulb type of fluorescent lighting (Field Verify Count). These fixtures are using 2 magnetic ballast and 34 watt T12 lamps.

Can light incandescent count shall be field verified in common areas only. Using 150 watt A-Type bulbs.

Exit signs are to be replaced, count shall be field verified.

Bidders shall supply power savings analysis on an annual basis showing line item savings using average KWH rate of .072 annual lighting burn time is can be figured at 4000 hrs.

Analysis formula shall be: ( System wattage Current) - (System wattage purposed) x hours x cents per KWH divided by 1000 = Savings per line item.

Please supply separate pricing for Green light / OSHA ballast and lamp disposal with proper documentation.

Primary Fixtures for Retrofit

Any area being upgraded will first be protected by appropriate materials; i.e. drop clothes, barricades and signs. The existing lamps, ballast and post if required will be removed,all waste materials including shipping cartons, lamps, ballast and post will be removed and disposed of property in accordance with all local, state and federal requirements.

BLDG (2x4) fixtures 3L40 = 1009

BLDG (2x2) fixtures 2L40U/6 = 2

BLDG (strips) 2L40 = 253

No Tandem wiring will be allowed.

(2x4) 3L40 fixtures dual switched = 18.

1L72 cove fixtures = 34 & 1L30 cove fixtures = 16 to be replaced with (60) 1L40 strip fixtures.

Exit signs to be replaced = 63 field verify count.

Can lamps to be replaced with dimming compacts. = 51

ALT-1 Garage- Best solution or recommendation.

ALT-2 5th Floor video congruence room 11 dimming cans and 6 3L40 2x4's.


1) Ballast manufacturer shall be a member of C.B.M.

2) Ballast shall be of a primary ballast manufacturer, not a secondary or private label Source. Manufactured in and marketed in North America for at least 10 years.

3) THD shall not exceed 20%.

4) Crest factor shall not exceed 1.7.

5) Ballast shall be L-Series.

6) Ballast shall operate lamps in parallel.


1) Lamp CRI 71 or higher.

2) Lamp color temperature of 4100 deg. K.

3) Lamp life of 75,000 hrs or greater.

4) Lamp types permitted:

a. T-8
b. LED's
c. Quads


The contractor will identify, classify and dispose of all material, including lamps, ballast and fixtures, etc. in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal requirements. The contractor will be responsible for all fees, costs, notifications, etc. relating to the dispose of all materials removed. The contractor will provide manifest for all disposals to the Contracting Officer.


The contractor will guarantee all workmanship and materials for a period of (1) year from the acceptance date of the project as determined by the Contracting Officer. The contractor will provide two original, signed copies of this warranty to the Contracting Officer.

The contractor will provide two copies of the manufactures 5 year ballast warranty.

The contractor will provide two copies of the manufactures lamp warranty.

The contractor will provide two copies of the manufactures exit sign warranty.


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