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Rebate Summary

Retro Lighting and Conservation has been a qualified sponsor for the Centerpoint Rebate Program since it started. We have gained a good reputation in regards to getting quick turn around on the projects and everything for the receiving the rebate money for the end user. In any case, what ever the project, we will deliver our very best.

Project Recycling and Waste Disposal

All lamps will be recycled 100% and are packaged in sealed cardboard tubes that can fit up to 180 lamps. All ballast will be disposed of in an approved landfill unless they contain PCB's. All PCB containing ballast will be incinerated 100%. All PCB ballast will be delivered in steel or plastic drums approved by DOT and follows all state regulations on disposal. We always have a dumpster on site for all miscellaneous material box ballast etc. A certificate will be issued by the disposal company for each location showing what was disposed of and how. This is done separate for lamps and ballast. All transportation documents are given to the customer for their records. Retro Lighting also keeps records on all disposal documents.

Just Some of our Completed Projects

Retro Lighting has done work for ESCO’S and Distributors as well. In the last 15 years we have completed many project’s large and small, dealing with each one as if it where the only one. We feel large and small deserve the same respect.


Michael Bray Dir. Central Building Services 713.676.9305
Twenty two school retrofit & fixture replacement.

PROJECT COST - $550,000

Shell West Hollow

Richard Lamb Facility Ops. & Maint. 281.544.7679
Large facility retrofit completed all three phases. Also retrofit of all pole lights on the property.

PROJECT COST - $1,000,000

North Harris Montgomery Community College Dist.

William P. Conyers, Jr. / Project Specialist / CAD 832.813.6538
2 projects, first was all of Tomball College, second was their North Campus.

PROJECT COST - $275,000

Four Seasons Hotel

Bill Dembski - Dir. of Enging. 713.652.6272
All exits & retrofit.

PROJECT COST - $80,000

Quest Diagnostics

Butch Allen EHS Coordinator 713.877.6131
Retrofit/sensor Project

Project Cost - $100,000

First City Tower

John Bays Chief Eng. 713.752.5100
Approx. 30 floors plus custom project on the same floors for V&E law firm.

PROJECT COST - $150,000

Brown & Root Services Corp. / HISD

Dan Ovanavich / Construction Manager 
Life safety exit and emergency lights in over 150 schools.

PROJECT COST - $3,000,000 

Projects w/Rebates


We completed 3 phases for Katy ISD 15 schools with rebates of $100,000 and all work was done on time and inspected by center point before and after.

Project cost was over $500,000

Four Seasons Hotel (Downtown)

Lighting retrofit project of all common areas, offices, garage, kitchen & stairwells etc.

Project cost was $80,000 plus with adders and rebates were $20,000, paid to the customer.


Lighting project of several buildings and common areas.

Over two thousand fixtures rebates for customer of $15,000

Incigna ESG / Bering Building Retrofit

Lighting retrofit on a 10 story building project cost was $80,000 and rebates came to $15,000 given to the customer.


Lighting retrofit and major fixture replacement project. Project cost was $550,000 with rebates well over $150,000.00.

All though Retro Lighting did not handle the receiving of HISD'S rebates we did handle the pre and post inspections.

Note this was a time sensitive project we had 3 months to complete it including the material order for that time frame. Retro Lighting and Conservation completed the project 100% by the December 19th rebate 

Projects Upcomming / Current Projects Completed

  • Memorial Hermann - outdoor LED fixtures and lighting controls
  • E. Sam Jones - on going projects
  • Hover Solutions a container Manufacture completed 250K space with 90k in rebates
  • Spring ISD completed 28 gyms and there pool at Spring HS deadline, we finished in ten weeks.

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