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This market segment requires that the lighting management contractor should be able to provide all of the following characteristics:

  1. Complete knowledge of available lighting maintenance requirements
  2. Specific knowledge of lighting maintenance requirements
  3. Capability to predict product reliability
  4. Insight into the direction of lighting technology
  5. Ability to develop and accurately perform lighting audits
  6. Ability to create financial models


This important business segment distinguishes us from our competitors. By maintaining a staff of qualified Journeymen Electricians, Retro Lighting is capable of providing light electrical services. Because of our expertise, we are able to meet or exceed licensing requirements in the State of Texas. Our competition, without qualified electricians on staff, may have to subcontract work. This can cause them to lose control over scheduling and quality control, resulting in not being able to provide the full scope of work required by the customer.

Bottom Line

Our Company offers lighting upgrade services to its customers which increases the quality and consistency of light while reducing energy cost.  We use the best material that the lighting industry has to offer.

All of our employees have completed asbestos training with the HISD and Brown & Root Environmental Affairs Dept.  Our employee have also received training in working in hazardous waste area’s from Shell West Hollow. We employ many skilled electricians that also have experience in high voltage work. Retro Lighting is a member of the IEC and recruits qualified men from them as well as ongoing training for apprentices and electricians.  We have regular safety meeting’s and follow all OSHA guide lines. We also do drug screening. We have a perfect record with WORKERS COMP, no work related injuries in 15 years. 

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We’re The Best for a Reason

Retro Lighting experts provide energy audits and installation to ensure that you get customized solutions that meet your needs. We work side-by side with you to provide on time and within budget solutions. Put your project in our hands and we’ll make it shine!

Retro Lighting and Conservation has completed projects in a wide range of facility types for a varied customer base. We also work closely with engineering and architectural firms.

We offer alternative solutions to existing ceiling plans to ensure that your system performs to your specifications in the most energy-efficient way. Once an integrated system has been installed, you will save energy costs and improve light levels.

Our services can range from the smallest projects to the largest installations, both interior and exterior. There’s no job Retro Lighting and Conservation can’t handle!